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Letter of Condolence from China


After the Dave Feickert, his wife Jing received a very touching letter of condolence from  Mr Sun Huashan, Vice Minister State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS), People’s Republic of China.

The letter is in two versions, English and Chinese.

The text of each is below:

July 4, 2014

I was deeply saddened at the passing of David Feickert.  Words fail to express the sorrow we share.  On behalf of the State Administration of Work Safety, P.R. China and in my own name, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of David Feickert.

David Feickert is an old friend of ours.  He was a man with a noble spirit.  He loves China, regarding China as his second homeland.  David Feickert used to contribute to China’s work safety efforts by giving valuable advice to the international co-operation between China and other countries and promoting the understanding of China’s safety policies by introducing it to international communities.  He was considered as a warrior waving China’s national flag in the EU.  

He had visited China for numerous times, visiting enterprises, attending conferences, seminars and training classes.  During which, he introduced advanced concepts, experience and techniques from abroad to China.  In 2009, Dave Feickert was conferred with “Friendship Award” by the Chinese government in recognition of his efforts and contribution to China’s work safety improvement.

His love for Chinese people and care for China’s work safety and care for China’s work safety situation is ardent and Chinese people replies with respect and love.  His noble deeds shall last long, and despite his decease, he shall be embalmed in our minds forever.

May he rest in peace!

Mr. SUN Huashan,  Vice Minister State Administration of Work Safety, P. R. China

July 4, 2014

惊悉戴夫。菲克特先生逝世,深感遗憾和悲痛! 在此, 我谨代表中国国家安全监管总局和我个人向戴夫.菲克特先生的亲属和朋友致以诚挚的问候和沉痛的悼念!
戴夫.菲克特先生是我们的老朋友, 是一个有高尚精神的人。 他热爱中国, 将中国视为自己的第二故乡。戴夫.菲克特先生生前积极关注我国的安全生产, 为推动我国安全生产领域的国际合作献计献策, 为争取国际社会对中国政府安全生产政策的理解与支持奔走呼吁, 被国际友人喻为“在欧盟内挥舞着中国旗帜的勇士”。他数十次来华访问我国企业, 参加论坛、会议和培训班,将国外安全生产的先进理念、经验和技术引入中国。 2009年,戴夫.菲克特先生获得中国政府颁发的“友谊奖”, 以表彰他为我国安全生产所做的努力和工作。
尽管戴夫.菲克特先生永远离开了我们, 但他对中国人民的热爱和他对中国安全生产的关怀将永存。 我们将永远怀念他!
SAWS letter of condolence  (Dave Feickert) - English SAWS letter of condolence (Dave Feickert) - Chinese