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Mandarin Corner 汉语角 Call for Volunteers


Will you have a couple hours to spare this Saturday afternoon?

Mandarin Corner needs at least 5 volunteers for each session.  Apart from Teng, Daniel and myself, it’s better to have two or more people to help, especially when there is an activity like the sessions on 2 and 9 March.

If you can come, please give Ellen Yang a phone call on 473-7558 (can take message).

What’s on this coming Saturday, 2 March:

Fun activities for children at Mandarin Corner to celebrate Children’s day 庆祝儿童节 (NZ Children’s Day 2013 – 3 March, Sunday)

Assemble paper sculpture 组装中国纸雕彩灯

Learn how to make Chinese knot 学做中国结

Chinese Zodiac 十二生肖

Plus Yummy healthy snacks!

Contact: Ellen Yang (04) 473-7558, [email protected]