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Multicultural Santa Parade has a Chinese flavour


The first Santa Parade in Nelson for two years was a multi-cultural event with several local cultural groups participating along with other more traditional Christmas floats. The parade was held on Sunday 4 December. Some members of the Nelson Branch of NZCFS joined the float organised by the Nelson Branch of the Chinese Association. The float was a colourful affair comprised of a team of dragon dancers followed by women, men and children dressed in traditional costumes. The dragon was a hit with the large crowd lining Trafalgar Street, especially when they stopped and performed their energetic dance routine.

It was a great way for Nelson NZCFS to continue reaching out, supporting and developing closer relationships with the local Chinese community. Our NZCFS people who participated, enjoyed a riverside picnic with the team of local Chinese  at the conclusion of the parade. This was so much fun we are doing the whole thing again at the Richmond Santa Parade on 11 December.