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National Notebook April 2012


NZCFS 1952 – 2012 Sixty Years

Recent News

The Photographers’ Tour arrived back last weekend, and Judy Livingstone, Tour Leader, said they had a great trip, with plenty of time to take photos and a few adventures along the way.  Stories and photos next Notebook.

Auckland Branch is co-sponsor of an exhibition of more than 100 photographs celebrating Rewi Alley’s life. This opens at the Uxbridge, Howick’s Creative Centre on Thursday 17 May, the evening before our National Conference.

A high ranking Go (Weiqi) team from China attended a New Zealand Go Tournament in Wellington over Easter to celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relations. They travelled to Hawke’s Bay  for exhibition matches on Monday 9th April.


NZ Chinese Go President John and Julia Chen watch Ms Hua Xueming, Captain of the Chinese Women’s Team, while New Zealand Go President Michael Taler plays the Chinese Weiqi Qiyuan professional player Hua Yigang (8th dan and currently Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Chinese Go Association and Director of the Referees’ Committee).
The Chinese owners of Paritua Vineyards, Maraekakaho, and members of the Hawke’s Bay Chinese Association and New Zealand China Friendship Society, welcome the Go team to Hawke’s Bay.


























60th Birthday Tour 29 August to 24 September 2012

Celebrations in Shandan

One of the highlights for the 60th Birthday Tour will be celebrations in Shandan, Gansu, on September 12, combining the 70th anniversary of the Shandan Bailie School (SBS) and our 60th.  Our Tour group will represent NZCFS and the SBS are organising VIPs from Shandan, Zhangye City and Gansu Provincial level dignitaries.  Bailie Old Boys SecretaryGeneral Yang Chunlin indicates there will be up to 100 old boys also coming.

Carl Worker, New Zealand Ambassador, Li Jianping, Deputy Director of Youxie and an honorary Principal of SBS, and Michael Crook, Chairman of Gungho, all plan to attend.

An afternoon seminar is planned with different aspects of our two organisations highlighted, and pointers as to where our relationship can take us in the future.  In the evening, a banquet will be held, at which our NZCFS/Gung-ho International Award for the four best cooperatives from our projects in Shandan County, Zhangye City and Shaanxi Province will be presented. Both these occasions will showcase the Bailie School, our Friendship Society, and our joint project work and raise the profile of SBS and promote the value of cooperatives.

By honouring our past we find our future!

Royden Smith, Nelson, took these photos at Shandan Bailie School on his two visits there, one on a NZCFS Silk Road Tour, and the other time for celebrations to remember Rewi Alley’s life.


In 1964 the New Zealand China Society’s first newsletter included editorial comment by Bill Youren, Hawke’s Bay, on the refusal by the New Zealand Government to grant visas to two eminent Chinese scientists, highlights of the National Conference, Kathleen Hall’s account of her return visit to China, an extract from the Canadian Export Assn. Bulletin, China—Huge Sales for Someone. Why not us?, and Ruth and Douglas Lake’s experiences of living in Peking at that time.

Representatives from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and the newly formed Hamilton Branch attended the Conference.  Highlights included: “Greetings from President Chu Tu Nan of the Chinese People’s Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries that were heartily reciprocated; The National Executive was commended on the production of the pamphlet “China and World Peace”;  Conference advocated the development of the teaching of Chinese language, literature and history in New Zealand Universities; N.Z. Government was reminded again of our desire to see formal recognition given to the People’s Government of China: Government was urged to support the seating of the People’s Government of China as the rightful occupant of the Chinese seat at the United Nations”.  (Many thanks to Dale Curran, Bill Youren’s daughter, Napier, for the newsletter)

Chinese Films Worth Watching

The Wellington Branch of the NZ Chinese Language Association organizes a monthly Chinese feature film (with English sub-titles) held in Committee Room One of the Wellington City Council, generally on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7 pm. Go to Wellington Branch to get the details of the next film to show.  They recommend watching ‘The Knot’. 

The Knot      云水谣

Director: Yin Li. Starring: Chen Kun, Xu Ruoxuan and Li Bingbing.  This popular film is about innocent and beautiful love in the time of war.  A very touching and moving story.  Excellent acting. English subtitles, 110 minutes.

The Chinese romantic epic ‘The Knot ’ tells the story of a pair of lovers separated by the Taiwan Straits in the 1940s.  The movie is a co-production between filmmakers from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Two mainland rising stars, Chen Kun and Li Bingbing, have leading roles in the movie alongside famous names such as Vivian Hsu and Chang Gua Ahleh, from Taiwan.











In the beginning……..They fell in love. Chen Qiushui was 20.  Wang Biyun was 18.

Qiushui served as an army doctor during the Korean War, where he met  Wang Jindi,  a nurse from Shanghai who fell in love with him instantly.

 Qiushui went to Tibet to work.

Years had gone by, Jindi followed Qiushui to Tibet and they were married there and tragedy ensued. Back in Taiwan, Biyun buried Qiushui’s mother and continued to pray for his return.