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National President’s Newsletter – March 2015

Best wishes from New Zealand friends. Dave Bromwich speaking at Wang Fang and Ye Xi's wedding
Best wishes from New Zealand friends. Dave Bromwich speaking at Wang Fang and Ye Xi’s wedding

Wedding of Wang Fang, our favourite tour guide:

In early March, I had the great fortune to attend the very happy occasion of the wedding of NZCFS’ tour guide and agent, Wang Fang, who many members will have met on tours over the last 6 years.  For a report and more photos, click HERE

West China Women’s Handicraft seminar

I attended a recent seminar that was held recently as part of the ongoing cooperative development programme initiated by NZCFS in 2006. Click HERE for the website article


NZCFS’ three tours for this year have all been filled and are now closed. A very good response, but it has been very hard work, and our great thanks go to NZCFS Tours chair Ann White for managing the inquiries and organising the details. Thank you also to branches for promoting these tours so well.

Prominent Persons Tour

Youxie have invited NZCFS to select a delegation of 5 to go to China for 7 days in late 2015 (late October/early November). We are proposing a medical theme for delegates, and will include a visit to Kathleen Hall’s hospital in Anguo, Hebei. More information will be sent out soon.

Chinese Language Week

The date for this has been set as September 8 to 13, and will include various national activities. Also, material for local use will become available; we will keep you in touch as this evolves.

Projects updates posted

The following articles have recently been posted on the Society website:

Update on RAFE Fund Projects

Update on Simon Deng Li funded Projects  

The first two parts (of three) covering the recently published Co-op Case Studies Book, which summarises the progress made in the NZCFS co-operative promotion programme in West China: for Part 1, click HERE, and for Part 2, click HERE

Rewi Alley in Fujian

Excellent article from China Daily of the commemoration of Rewi Alley’s sertting up an ICCIC office in Changting, Fujian province in 1939.

Shandan Bailie School

A teacher for SBS is urgently sought to start in late August 2015. Click HERE for further information, and email Dave at [email protected]

Dave Bromwich – National President