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Nelson Newsletter, July 2021


Our Nelson Branch July newsletter includes details of our next meeting on Friday 30 July.

Nelson’s Connections with Chinese Universities

Nelson has been home to a large number of Chinese students over the last decade through the NMIT China programme. They often commenced study towards their NMIT degree or diploma in China and completed their study in Nelson or Blenheim. A few had previously travelled overseas; for most this was a brave new adventure to the end of the world, facing life in a hugely different western culture.

Several students have gone on to postgraduate study in New Zealand, others have gained work permits here. Most have returned home to China.

Maxine Wong, from Ningbo, studied business at the Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power in Hangzhou and came to Nelson to complete her Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing, in 2016 and graduating the following year. After a long search for work, Maxine was employed as Research and Development Manager with Nelson Honey who had business interests with China. Recently Maxine has become a self-employed marketing consultant and is working towards her Masters in Applied Management at NMIT. She is a member of the Nelson executive committee.

Chris Chen is from Hangzhou City and completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Management at NMIT. Chris has lived in New Zealand for 2 and a half years and is currently shop manager at The Lennox Bathroom in Nelson.

At this meeting Maxine and Chris will tell us about their journeys navigating life, study and work in Nelson.

You can read the full July 2021 Nelson Branch newsletter (pdf).

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