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New Book on NZCFS-assisted Co-ops in China – Part 3 (Conclusions and Appendices)

Feitian Embroidery Co-op
Feitian Embroidery Co-op

Part 3 of  “Co-operative Case Studies”

This section of the book sums up of the entire concept of setting up and running co-operatives in NW China. It also gives the effects of and the conclusions drawn from the work done in the setting up of over 50 co-operatives.

 The ‘Achievements‘ and the ‘Challenges‘ are covered with honesty and realism and the authors pull no punches when it comes to how the co-ops will succeed if these rules are not adhered to.


There are six appendices:

  1. Advice to new Co-ops;
  2. A summary of NZCFS support for the co-ops;
  3. A list of those co-ops that were supported;
  4. The institutional structure of Chinese Government and their involvement;
  5. Notes on the DLA (Direct Ladder Assessment) assessment tool, which is used to measure the efficacy both in economic terms and quality of management; 
  6. The factors in creating co-op identity, values and principles.

These six appendices deal in detail with the techniques and factors involved in developing these NZCFS-supported co-ops and the advice given by the two authors who brought their first-hand knowledge to bear on how to make a co-op successful.

Advice, such as insisting that all workers take an active role in the running and planning of the co-op and a willingness to change their traditional beliefs to ensure the maximum success, was a priority, in their opinion.

The book also describes the successes of some co-ops which had considerable financial impacts on small communities. The authors also are honest about the failures.   They, Liu Guozhong and Tim Zachernuk, are to be congratulated on a fascinating and constructive report.

It should be required reading for all those who wish to start such a venture.

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Teri France