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New Year Notes


Shunian daji, xinniankuaile
(Propitious year of the rat, Happy New Year)

The year of the rat begins on January 25 through to February 11 2021. An open mind and flexibility may well lead to good luck and prosperity. So perhaps our 2020 Conference theme of Imagine is a very positive and most appropriate one. But of course we also need to act! As expressed in Rewi Alley’s much repeated saying in the Gung Ho movement, work hard and work together! 努力干,一起干!( nuli gan, yiqi gan )

I wish everybody all the best for the coming year, and hope for a year of achieving our dreams for NZCFS!

National Conference/AGM May 15-17, see update in separate article.
Teacher(s) still urgently needed for Shandan Bailie School (SBS)
An increased national profile through the visit from Xi Jinping, followed by NZ Ambassador Clare Fearnley, has brought a lot of attention to Shandan Bailie School. Support has flooded in from various Chinese institutions. With their move to a new campus, a year spent at SBS teaching is more attractive than ever before. Please once again promote widely。Contact Dave Bromwich directly on [email protected] for interest and enquiry.

NZCFS TOURS: Explore China – the North-East and North Korea
A special opportunity to venture into the mysteries of North Korea adds a point of difference to our normal high quality tours. The tour will be organised again through our much revered Wang Fang, but the North Korea excursion sub-contracted by her to a N Korea specialist.

We are able to offer a special 14 day short version of this tour for those who may wish to join the N Korea adventure, but are unable to do the whole tour. Use the contact form on the website, email [email protected] or contact Dave Bromwich direct at [email protected] to look at this option, and to get your expression of interest in as soon as possible.

In light of the travel bans imposedby China on 25th January, we appreciate that we cannot be certain that the tour can proceed at this stage. However, we would anticipate well before September it will be clear, so expressions of interest given now will not carry any commitment from you. Earliest notification will be given for any progress.

Dave Bromwich
National President