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Rotorua Branch Newsletter-August 2017

NZCFS Rotorua Branch August Newslette Greetings to everyone: Brenda told me that the July meeting was a big success, and I am very curious... Read more

Rotorua Branch Newsletter – June 2017

NZCFS Rotorua Branch June Newsletter Greetings to everyone: Welcome to winter. The turn-out at our May meeting was relatively low because... Read more

Rotorua Branch Newsletter – May 2017

NZCFS Rotorua Branch May Newsletter Greetings to everyone: This year’s AGM was another very joyful meeting to attend, although Brenda alwa... Read more

Lunch Time Sharing of Cultures – New Monthly Event

On the last Wednesday of every month there is a chance to practice your English at the Rotorua Library by sharing your lunchtime with many d... Read more

Rotorua Branch Newsletter – April 2017

Greetings to everyone:During March, Korean’s political storm had a big impact on the Chinese community. You probably heard that the Con... Read more

New Mandarin Language Classes

There are now two Mandarin Language classes available in Rotorua.  One is being held at the Mokoia Community Centre on the 3rd Wednesday of ... Read more

Rotorua Branch Newsletter-February 2017

NZCFS Rotorua Branch February Newsletter Greetings to everyone: Happy New Year! According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this is the Year... Read more

Rotorua Branch Newsletter-August 2016

Greetings to Everyone: After the hottest July since 1964, the weather around the country will return to normal this month, according to som... Read more

Rotorua Branch Newsletter-July 2016

NZCFS Rotorua Branch July NewsletterGreetings to everyone:Hopefully the catering at June’s meeting did not make you miss our shared lunch to... Read more

Rotorua Branch Newsletter – May 2016

BRANCH MAY NEWSLETTER Greetings to everyone:Thank you for coming to the AGM on 1 May. Our branch’s cash flow is still very healthy and the n... Read more

Rotorua Branch Newsletter – April 2016

NZCFS Rotorua Branch April Newsletter Greetings to everyone:There are several things to mention in this newsletter. Firstly is still this mo... Read more