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2021 Chinese New Year Banquet

You are invited to join us at our 2021 CHINESE NEW YEAR BANQUET together with our co-hosts the Wellington Chinese Association Saturday 20t... Read more

Promoting Goodwill

National President Argues for a Better Understanding of China Last month, NZ China Friendship Society National President Dave Bromwich ta... Read more

President’s End of Year Message

Looking for Harmony It has been a somewhat disrupted year, with the pandemic stopping travel. This has had serious impact on a range of o... Read more

Rewi Alley’s 123rd Birthday, Celebrated at NZ Bailie Train...

On November 27rd in Auckland, at UUNZ on Symonds Street, a Zoom meeting was held to commemorate Rewi Alley’s 123rd birthday, and to furt... Read more

Long March Tour, September 2021

A Journey of Discovery with NZCFS Offered in the year of the 100th birthday of the Communist Party of China, this tour is a commemorative... Read more

Baoji Industrial Heritage Museum Opens

Baoji Industrial Heritage Museum Opens. Simply referred to as the ‘Cave Factories’, the site, built in the period 1940-1941, was commissi... Read more


Long March and 20th Century History Tour (September 2021) A commemorative exploration of the significance of the Long March and other a... Read more

Wechat Translation

Wechat Translate 微信翻译 Many of us are members of various Wechat groups and have Wechat friends. So we get lots of text in Chinese, inc... Read more

Connection to China in the Age of Pandemic

Since Covid-19 placed severe limitations to travel from February this year, connection with our friends, colleagues and partnerships has con... Read more

Article by Dr. Dov Bing

'IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER A CAT IS BLACK OR WHITE, AS LONG AS HE CATCHES MICE’ The following article was written recently by Emeritus Pro... Read more

He Ming Qing

A Message from Shen Qianqian: I am now working in cardiovascular medicine at the hospital in Yanxian County, Hebei Province, and our coun... Read more