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Rhubarb – Humble Vege or Imperial Medicine?

‘A plant beloved by emperors and bartered for among nations’ - not quite the epithet you would associate with the lowly rhubarb, but that ha... Read more

Tibet – Myth and Reality: A brief history of Tibet before...

This article, by American historian Foster Stockwell, gives his view of the history of Tibet from the 13th Century to 2004, and is quite eye... Read more

A first experience of visiting a Chinese farmhouse of Fujian Pr...

China in July, 2012, had been exhausting, and for nearly two weeks we had endured temperatures of 35deg.C on a regular basis and I was hea... Read more

The Woodcarvers of Fuzhou, Fujian Province, in China

We almost missed the workshop, passing by on a warm summer’s day as we strolled in the afternoon sun.  Then we saw in the dull light a mos... Read more

Volunteer Teaching in China (VICTour) – an initial tour, O...

The following are two reports on the first VICTour, which took place in October 2011, with the assistance and support of the National Chines... Read more

The greening of the Beijing municipality (2011)

Article by Ruth Henderson, Hibiscus Coast branch’s delegate for the 2011 Prominent Persons and Leaders Delegation. A highlight of the 2... Read more

Taking a bus in China ‐ Fuzhou, Fujian province

Many people visit China as a tourist and never experience the delights and tribulations (though the latter are slight and rare...) of goin... Read more

Chinese Horticulturists

Extract from the diary of two English teachers in Fuzhou, Fujian province (2009) In our many walks around and near the campus of Hwa Nan Wo... Read more