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National Notebook July-August, 2012

  Philippa Reynolds 1931 - 2012 It is with deep regret that we must inform you that Philippa Reynolds died on Friday, 3 August, aged 80. ... Read more

National Notebook May-June 2012

NZCFS 1952 - 2012 Sixty Years EVENTS THIS YEAR• Our Conference“By honouring our past, we find our future”• Birthday Tour to China, 29 Augus... Read more

National Notebook April 2012

NZCFS 1952 - 2012 Sixty Years Recent News The Photographers’ Tour arrived back last weekend, and Judy Livingstone, Tour Leader, said they ... Read more

National Notebook March 2012

 1952 - 2012 Sixty Years 60th ANNIVERSARY NATIONAL CONFERENCE & ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 18-20 May 2012      Owen Glenn Building,  Unive... Read more

National Notebook February 2012

NZCFS 1952 - 2012 Sixty Years The original hand written minute book records:   Wednesday 27 February 1952 at 8pm saw a group of 4 women an... Read more

National Notebook December 2011

MESSAGE FROM NATIONAL PRESIDENT ERIC Greetings to all of you as we head towards the Christmas and holiday season. Apart from the tragic tim... Read more

National Notebook October 2011

NZCFS Projects and Tibetan Communities Tour Dave Bromwich reports, “Last week the fourteen people on our Tour met the  Shaanxi Women's Fede... Read more

National Notebook September 2011

Welcome to a High-level Delegation from Beijing Auckland Branch had the honour of welcoming a high-level delegation from Beijing at a dinn... Read more

National Notebook August 2011

Margot Cornwall Scholarship, 2011 Peter Cornwall, generously established the Margot Cornwall Scholarship in memory of his wife Margot to all... Read more

National Notebook July 2011

Year of the Rabbit In 2010 NZCFS started a rabbit raising project for hamlets in poor rural areas in the interior of karst Guangxi. This... Read more

National Notebook June 2011

National Conference and AGM        China & New Zealand: The Next Decade 27-29th May 2011 in Wellington Thank you to all the Wellington... Read more