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Rewi Alley Commemoration Hall opens

The New Zealand Bailie Training Base and New Zealand China Friendship Society have joined together to continue the work of Rewi Alley to cel... Read more

Two He Mingqing Scholars selected

NZCFS' He Mingqing Scholarship Committee received three recommendations in August 2021: two recommended by Shaanxi Women's Federation, and o... Read more


Long March and 20th Century History Tour (September 2021)A commemorative exploration of the significance of the Long March and other a... Read more

Wechat Translation

Wechat Translate 微信翻译Many of us are members of various Wechat groups and have Wechat friends. So we get lots of text in Chinese, inc... Read more

Rewi Alley, Whanganui and a visit to Lijiang

I travelled to Lijiang late July with Liu Guozhong as part of NZCFS ‘Revive Rewi Alley’ project. We met with leaders of Lijiang Foreign Affa... Read more

He Mingqing Scholar

Report from Dave Bromwich.I met our new HMQ scholar in Xi'an recently in the Office of the Shaanxi Red Phoenix Volunteers. Women’s Feder... Read more

The Story of People and City – NZCFS Urban Development Del...

“New Zealand is undergoing a transformational stage of urban development. “The Story of City and People” is an opportunity for urban pla... Read more

Statue of George Hogg in Lanzhou City University campus

Type: Statue Location: City University campus, LanzhouGPS co-ordinates:  N 36.10459 E 103.7399 Cost: No cost to view Access: Over t... Read more

Shaanxi Province: Summary of Rewi Alley locations + Travel advic...

Rewi Alley's China > Beijing > Shanghai > Hubei province > Shaanxi province > Gansu province >  Shandan > Lanzhou > ... Read more

Gansu Province: Summary of Rewi Alley locations + Travel advice

Rewi Alley's China > Beijing > Shanghai > Hubei province > Gansu province >  Shandan > Lanzhou >Gansu is a province... Read more

Shandan City, Gansu Province: Summary of Rewi Alley locations + ...

Rewi Alley's China > Beijing > Shanghai > Hubei province > Shaanxi province > Gansu province > Shandan > Lanzhou > Z... Read more