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Two young Chinese ladies (ZHENG Xinyi and LIU Yi) are currently teaching Chinese language and culture in Hamilton schools as Mandarin Learning Assistants for 2018.  They are competent, modern and knowledgeable. On Thursday 15th November, at 7pm, they gave a very interesting and informative presentation on “Life In China Today” at Hamilton Branch Meeting. They talked about life in China through their eyes and those of their parents’ generation.

We all know the Four Great Inventions in China: The Printing Press, Paper, the Compass and Gunpowder but it was particularly interesting to hear about China’s new “4 Great Inventions”: High Speed Train, Shared Bicycles, Mobile Payment and Online Shopping. Although some were not invented by China, the scale of their use in China, the promotion speed, and continuous development are unprecedented and surpassing other countries.

The presentation combined with quizzes and games made the evening very entertaining to a most appreciative audience.

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