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NZCFS 2012 National Conference Presentations

NZCFS distinguished visitors
Mme Liao Juhua, Zhang Heqiang, Ambassador Xu Jianguo, Liao Hui, John McKinnon, Eric Livingstone, Philip Burdon

The following is the final programme of the NZ China Friendship Society National Conference, held in Auckland May 18-19, 2012.  Links are provided to the presentations where they have been made available.  These will be added to as more become available.

Friday 18 May

6.30pm Welcome by Auckland President George Andrews

National President Eric Livingstone

Official Opening His Worship Len Brown, Mayor of Auckland

Screening of Classic 1957 documentary Inside Red China, introduced by Don McRae

Ambassador Xu Jianguo

Saturday 19 May

9.00 Welcome from Hosts Elizabeth McRae & Sylvia Yang

9.10 The Honourable Philip Burdon, Patron of NZCFS, Opening Address

9.20 H.E. Mr Liao Hui, Vice-Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Consultative Conference,  

President of the China-Oceania Friendship Association

9.50 Mr John McKinnon, Secretary of Defence, NZ Ambassador to China 2001-2004

10.20 Ms Isobel Thompson: Special Presentation  

10.45 Dr Bill Willmott: Introducing Mme Lu Wanru secretary of Rewi Alley

11.10 Anne Newnham: Introducing Ma Baoru and the Legacy of Kathleen Hall

11.30 Video: 2011 Projects tour video to Shanxi, He Ming Qing Scholars, Lanzhou

11.40 Dave Bromwich; Introduces Liu Guozhong from Shandan Bailie School  

1.30 Life Member Cecil Fowler: “60 years of China Friendship – a personal view from Auckland”

2.00 Eric Livingstone, President NZCFS: “How our past points a way forward

2.40 Patricia Tauroa, NZ Maori Friendship Trust: “New Directions that Build on the Past”  

3.30 Mr Adrian Riegen, Miranda Shorebird Centre: “Shorebirds, NZ & China: the oldest friendship link by miles”

4.00 NZ Chinese Youth Federation Panel