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NZCFS and ICCIC work together in Sichuan Earthquake Relief Projects


Following the Sichuan earthquake, NZCFS executive members Dave Bromwich and Sally Russell were accompanied by ICCIC Executive Secretary General Du Yintang to Chengdu in August 2008. They visited earthquake affected rural communities in Pengzhou county, and together developed two projects to assist these two areas:



  • The first project provides finance for materials required for the reparation of the farmers irrigation channels in Huang village of Tongji township. The main livelihood for this village is growing vegetables, and with irrigation infrastructure damaged by the earthquake, it is necessary to restore this as quickly as possible.
  • The second project provides training to enhance the cooperative structures in the Paifeng Vegetable Growers Cooperative, which includes the farmers in the above irrigation repair project, along with tea growers in Danjingshan township. Strong cooperatives are seen as a good model to help communities recover from disasters.

Detail of project activity can be found by visiting www.iccic.org.cn