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Rewi Alley Commemoration Hall
Rewi Alley Commemoration Hall
Rewi Alley Commemoration Hall

Conference slogan “Forging our future: 初心不改,继往开来”

As invited guest speakers and panellists commit to participating, an updated programme is taking shape. Some recent commitments are from David Mahon, who will be zooming in to the meeting from Beijing; and Andy Boreham, NZCFS member at large, zooming in from Shanghai. Watch this space for further developments!

The NZCFS Annual Conference & AGM registration form is now available.

THEME:  “What do friends do? Renewing and enhancing NZ China friendship in difficult times.” 作为朋友该怎么做?在困难时期重振和增进新中友谊。This follows last year’s theme: “What it means to be a friend of China”.

This being the 125th anniversary of Rewi Alley’s birth, there will be ample opportunity to view the Rewi Alley Commemoration Hall and the first collected history in New Zealand of Rewi’s three key legacies.

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