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NZCFS Capacity Building visit to China


Five leaders from NZCFS participated in this visit. We are grateful to the Simon Deng Li Fund, and our
Chinese hosts Beijing Youxie and Shanghai Youxie, for their support for the delegation.

Participants were Dave Bromwich, Craig Ashby, Simon Appleton, Chris Goodwin and Michael

Each activity gave us different perspectives of China, from a historical overview to future directions
and developments with an enhanced understanding of China’s position, the advancement of society
and people’s lives, and contribution to a peaceful global community.

Due to the deadline for this newsletter, this is a brief overview only. We intend to have more reports
and impressions available in the future.

Key activities

Monday 4th November
Lunch meeting with Luke Barrington NZ Embassy to update on NZCFS role and activity
Professor Gong Wenxiang from the School of Journalism & Communication at Beijing University gave
a very inspired two hour presentation titled Peking University and Contemporary China, in which he
presented China’s recent history through the major role that Beijing University has played in the
development of post-feudal China, looking back to Confucius, through to future directions.

Tuesday 5th
A meeting with Beijing Youxie to discuss future activity
Attended a forum of international friends, and met a three person delegation from the Edgar Snow
Foundation: a meeting of Rewi Alley and Edgar Snow downstream. Other attendees were widows
and family members of other peers of Rewi Alley. The Forum acknowledged foreigner’s contribution
to advancement of New China. Dave Bromwich gave a speech, attached here. At the time of writing
the speech it was understood that there would be a number of young international friends present,
to which this speech was aimed at.

Wednesday 6th
Marco Polo Bridge, museum of Japanese war of aggression
Song Qingling house and museum

Thursday 7th
A visit to Mutianyu section of the Great Wall: Craig’s birthday present on another brilliant day with
clear blue skies

798 art district
Friday 8th
A visit to the Beijing planning museum, and an understanding of how China manages such
remarkable development for society.

On Friday afternoon we all departed. Dave Craig and Chris travelled to Qufu, the home town of
Confucius, where he is much celebrated.

On to Nanjing where our key activity was to visit the Nanjing Massacre Commemoration Hall.
We all arrived back in Shanghai on Monday 11 th .

Visit to Oriental Pearl Tower with a comprehensive tour of Shanghai history museum in the
basement, followed by a memorable meal in the revolving restaurant.

Tuesday 12 th
A visit to Shanghai Jinjiang International Travel Corporation to discuss future tour opportunities.
Jinjiang are not just a hotel chain, but offer extensive services in both inbound and outbound tours,
including to New Zealand.

A late morning visit to Rewi Alley’s residence from 1932-7, where we met two local residents of 50
years and heard their concerns for changes to the historical site. We offered some support for their

A visit to the Zhujiahui community activity centre, supporting the elderly and disabled.
Dinner with vice-President Jin of Shanghai Youxie who introduced us to Xue Cao, a top level retired
government official who is supervising the writing of a history of Rewi Alley and Song Qingling
together in their time in Shanghai.

Wednesday 13 th
A visit to Shanghai Urban planning exhibition Hall
A visit to the former residence of Sun Yatsen (and Song Qingling) for an understanding of the role
that Sun Yatsen played as the ‘father of the nation’.

China Art museum in the China expo building
Hong Kou Fire station, the oldest existing fire station in Shanghai, with a museum that also features
Rewi Alley in his first decade in China. Craig and Michael both slid down the fireman’s pole.
Thursday 14, end of our delegation, we all went our separate ways. Look forwards to some more in
depth impressions later.

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