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NZCFS Photographers China Tour, September 2015 – Completed

Pools in Huanglong National Park
Pools in Huanglong National Park
Pools in Huanglong National Park
Pools in Huanglong National Park

The Photographers Tour to China has returned after a fascinating journey, visiting many different environments in Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou UNESCO Parks and the landscapes and pandas of Sichuan. A train journey from Chengdu to Lhasa brought the tour group to Tibet where they experienced and photographed the ancient Tibetan culture, traditions, architecture and people.

Among the highlights for the photographers were the Panda Centre and Ginko Trees in Chengdu as well as the Duijiangyan Irrigation System. The Songpan Tibetan Village in the Huanglong Valley was excellent for photographic opportunities and there was time to walk and photograph at leisure.

Potala Palace at night - Lhasa Tibet
Potala Palace at night – Lhasa Tibet

In Lhasa, Tibet, the street life and people outside the Jokhang Temple were fascinating and tour members kept going back any free time they had to take photographs. Viewing the Potala Palace in the evening was well worth the visit.

Our Chinese Guide Wang Fang went out of her way to meet all the dietary needs of the group and on several occasions gave the tour members some money to buy their own picnic lunch at the local supermarket. This was particularly useful for the long train journey and up country in Tibet. There was time for at least 2 hours of photography a day which was all that was expected by the participants. All tour members learnt much about the three provinces of China that were visited and they also improved their understanding of the Chinese and Tibetan people.

Ann White

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