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NZCFS Projects in Northwest China


NZCFS have delivered a range of projects in the NW of China. They all started in Shandan, situated in the Hexi Corridor, Gansu. Shandan is situated in the Hexi Corridor, Gansu. NZCFS has a long standing friendship with the Shandan Bailie School through the work of Rewi Alley and with the Gung Ho Co-operatives of Shandan.

In 2005-6 and 2007-8 there were two projects that enhanced the level of cooperatives in Shandan County, and by the end of this period, 31 cooperatives were established. This has also helped to establish Shandan County as a model county of effective cooperatives. A follow up project in 2008-10 called Extension of Cooperatives in Zhangye District, 2008-10,  extended model cooperatives to a further 4 counties of Zhangye district.

The programme for cooperatives has always been to promote the cooperative training programme available through SBS further afield. This programme made further progress with a new project starting in 2011 in Shaanxi Province, “Establish model cooperatives in two districts of Shaanxi Province”, with a total of 8 model cooperatives to use as demonstrations in eight different counties of Baoji and Hanzhong districts. In the second year of the project, each of these model cooperatives assisted a further two cooperatives to improve their skills in aspects of cooperative managemnt.  This project was with Shaanxi Women’s Federation, who became a project partner following the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake.

NZCFS and Shaanxi Women’s Federation started an earlier project in Baoji district for primary women’s health care education. This project, “Rural Women’s Health and Family Civilisation, Shaanxi Province”, began in September 2010, and finished in March 2012. It worked in 7 townships in two counties, with the aim to improve health awareness in 100,000 households.