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Why choose NZCFS Tours to explore China?

  • Quality tours from 30 years of taking tours to China; see the sites, experience the culture, understand the country
  • Efficient itineraries to diverse sites to minimise travel disruption
  • Cost is all-inclusive from your nearest airport in NZ return. Not include insurance and visa application cost.
  • Fully escorted by knowledgeable NZCFS leaders, accompanied by our specially selected

in-China guide

  • Hotels selected for quality in best locations
  • No ‘tourist’ restaurants, all are local, a la carte selection with regional specialities
  • No compulsory shopping stops. Shoppers, we will give assistance when asked for!

NZCFS Explore China October 2019

Still some places left on this exciting tour.

Come and Join us for some of the most picturesque and exotic locations in China. From the traditional Hakka minority group round houses, the renowned Dahongpao tea plantations in the dramatic landscapes of Wuyi mountains to the ultra-modern metropolises of Shanghai and Guangzhou. We travel by bullet train, air-conditioned coach, by foot through historic water villages, and drift on bamboo rafts.

Keep some space in your luggage to bring home some modern pottery from the ancient kilns of Dingdezhen. Our tours are famed for seeking out the best of the diverse local cuisines of the regions that we travel through.

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Walking in Dahongpao valley, through scattered tea plantations.