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‘Our NZCFS tour in SE China’ – a talk by Ian Henderson


HBC branch next meeting: Sep 1, 3pm, at St John Catholic church hall, 180 Centreway, Orewa:

Ian Henderson summarises his talk:

During the month of April, 2013, my wife Ruth and I went on the NZCFS South East China tour.

Toulou roofsWe were away for 3 weeks and some of the highlights of the tour were:-

  • Yongding where we saw traditional Hakka roundhouses (Tulou), some still in use  housing extended families, complete with gardens and poultry.
  • Wuyishan, the picturesque Mt Wuyi scenic area where we did river rafting and walked through tea plantations in the gorges famous for hanging coffins.
  • Jingdezhen was another town that amazed us with examples of how porcelain can be put to use.   Truly the porcelain capital of the world.   We saw traditional and modern factories by way of contrast.
  • Whilst staying at Wuyuan, Jiangxi province we visited five traditional country villages dating back from the early 1700’s.   Though very old they were all still occupied and we could see close up the cropping and harvesting, and village life.

After this meeting, we plan to enjoy a meal at the BBQ Noodle Bar Restaurant, Albany Highway.   Hope that you will join us.

Ian has reconnoitred the restaurant and says: 

“It has an extensive menu and has reasonable reviews of the quality and prices.  I rang them and determined that they are BYO so that satisfies those of us that would like a wine with our meal.So you have our thumbs up for that restaurant.”

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