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Practically, A Teaching Revolution

Rewi Alley’s statue and a seal he once used are on display
at the Shandan Alley memorial museum in Zhangye, Gansu province.

This very interesting article from the China Daily is about Rewi Alley’s work in Gansu province, and in particular his founding and development of the Shandan Bailie School, from when he arrived there in December 1944 with 60 students through to the school of today, which now has approximately 3000 students. Over the decades, the school has trained numerous technicians in sectors such as mechanics, petroleum and agriculture, many of whom have made a contribution to the country’s development.

Wang Zigang, former vice-principal of Shandan Bailie School, says: “The school’s greatest value was that it brought modern industrial civilization to remote, underdeveloped north western areas, and cultivated talent for the construction of New China.” This article is well worth the read.