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Revolutionary Relics Exhibit – Shanghai


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View of ‘Heng Changli’ – site of the Revolutionary Relicts Exhibition, where there is a section on Rewi Alley.  上海市文物保护单位——布尔什维克编辑部旧址.  Photo by Livelelikw (Wikipedia Commons)
Exhibition area for Rewi Alley in the former editorial office of ‘Bolshevik’, 34, Lane 1376, Yuyuan Rd, Shanghai

Type:   Exhibition

Location:    House 34, 1376 Yuyuan Rd, Shanghai

Google Earth view of location:

Google Earth view of location of Rewi Alley’s Shanghai apartment, the  Revolutionary Relics Exhibit and Historic Figures Walk

GPS co-ordinates:   N31 13.289  E121 25.096

Cost:   No cost to view

Access:  Opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 9-11am, and 1-4pm.  Register at the desk inside the house; Rewi’s photos are in the two rooms on the ground floor.

The nearest Metro station is Jiangsu Road, Line 2. 

Website:  None

The Revolutionary Relicts exhibit is tucked away, at the far end of the alley of 1376 Yuyuan Road.  It’s in a restored historical apartment, lovely wooden rooms; photos of Rewi on the ground floor, two other floors of photos above.

The building was formerly an editorial office  for the revolutionary publication Bolshevik’ **.

The plaque at the entrance to 1376 says: 

Heng Changli
Located in Lane 1376, Yuyuan Road and built by such two companies as Sincere and Wing On jointly in 1925, it is part of the gallery style decorated new type lane. Bolshevik, the publication of Publicity Dept and organ of CPC Central Committee, came out [published] at No. 34 (former[ly] number 418 Heng Changli), in 1927.  

Shanghai Municipal Heritage Conservation Unit.

Editor’s note:

Buersheweike  布尔什维克 (The Bolshevik).  Shanghai, 1927.10 – 1932.7.  Weekly organ of the CCPCC; changed to a bi-monthly and finally a monthly.  An underground journal.  52 issues appeared.

Rewi Alley’s China > Beijing > Shanghai > Hubei province > Shaanxi provinceGansu province > Shandan > Lanzhou >

This article is based on a report by Jane Furkert of her work: ‘An Independent Travellers’ Guide to Rewi Alley Locations in China, 2016’, that was funded by the Rewi Alley Friendship and Exchange (RAFE) Fund.