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Rotorua Branch – Annual Report 2012 & Other News



Another year has passed and we have had good attendances for our meetings throughout the year. We had many interesting speakers starting with the return of Heinrich who set up car dealerships in China. Jenever Foreman informed us of the volunteer teaching programme she was trying to set up and her experiences in Hube province. We had a very nice luncheon and a great time at the Noodle House in July. We were taken to South West China to Guillin and the Yellow Mountains on the China Friendship tours which Cliff and Brenda joined this scenic tour, a photographers dream tour. We then watched a couple DVD.s one about Western China and the other about traditional musical instruments. Our Christmas function was held at the Regal Chinese Restaurant.

This year was started off with Phil and Joce Andrews sharing their first experience of China as our representatives on the Prominent Persons tour along with Waiki Edwards. We ended this year with a wonderful demonstration by Nellie Wong on how to make and cook Chicken Chow Mein. I think this would have to be one of the highlights of the year. This was truly an enjoyable meeting and we think should happen again.

Other activities outside the regular meetings a group of us joined the Tauranga Branch for a Sunday lunch at a Chinese Restaurant in Tauranga. Also Bob Okell as well as Cliff and Brenda Lee met and had dinner with a Shanghai Delegation which visited Rotorua. Also some of us participated in the Moon Festival sponsored by the Multicultural Association and the Chinese Association. Many of us attended a Moon Festival Dinner with the Waiariki International Students at a local Chinese Restaurant.

Cliff and Brenda also attended the Conference held in Auckland. This year the Conference is being held in Christchurch which Rotorua has decided not to attend.

It was also with sadness we farewelled John Burbidge, husband of our past president Jan.

We should give ourselves a round of applause for another successful year with the help of all of our kitchen help, members who contribute towards our enjoyable luncheons. Also it is nice to be able to welcome new faces into our group. Hopefully this will continue with the help of the Daily Post’s free column of ‘Whats On’ which obviously is read by many.

May we have another successful year 2013/2014

Brenda Lee

Committee Leader.


One of our members, David Burt. is visiting Xiamen at the moment. He welcomed Sally Russell and the tour group and put on a lovely dinner with a group of Chinese students. A special treat for both the tour group and the students. 

N.Z. China Friendship Tour Group
N.Z. China Friendship Tour Group

Sally Russell with Rita, Xiamen Dinner


David also experienced ‘Children’s Day’. Rita organised performances by the children at a Kindergarten where she works and sent us some photos of the festivities

A day at Kindergarten
A day at Kindergarten
Children's Day
Children’s Day
David Burt Enjoying Children's Day
David Burt Enjoying Children’s Day