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Rotorua Moon Festival – Friday 25 September


Thanks to Rotorua Multicultural organisation for organising the the up and coming Rotorua Chinese Moon Festival. It is all happening on Friday 25 September, 6:00 p.m. at the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre, the building across from the Rotorua I-Site. It will be held in the banquet room which is off to the left side as you enter the building.  A traditional Chinese Orchestra with some 20 members will be featured playing traditional Chinese instruments such as the Pipa, Guzheng, Erhu, Suona, Dulcimer and more. Also coming with the group there will be a face changing performer not to be missed. This group is from the Auckland’s New Zealand Chinese Cultural & Performing Arts Charitable Trust.

This event is being sponsored by the Rotorua Trust, Rotorua Chinese Association, The newly formed Rotorua Chinese Community Commerce as well as the China Friendship Society. It is open for all to attend. There is a $ 10. entry fee which includes the entertainment as well as light refreshments (Chinese Moon cake and finger food). It should be a great event and we hope you and your friends are able to come along and enjoy. For more information contact the coordinator (022) 4315128

Company name: New Zealand Chinese Cultural & Performing Arts Charitable Trust 

Some of the Traditional  Chinese Orchestra Members
Some of the Traditional Chinese Orchestra Members


Moon Festival Programme

1.  Orchestra: Full Moon Gorgeous Flowers, Cheerful New Year

2.  Flute Solo: New Melody by the Herdsman

3.  Pipa Solo: Pipa Speaks

4.  Hulusi Solo: Fisherman Song

5.  Accordion Solo: Spanish Gypsy Dance

6.  Erhu Solo: Battle Steeds Galloping

7.  Dulcimer Solo: Rhododendron Simsii

8.  Suona Solo: Salesperson from the Village

9.  Sicuan Magic: Changing Faces

10.  Orchestra: Pulling up a Reed Catkin, Golden Melody Assembly