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Screening of ‘Inside Red China’ film for Chinese Media in Beijing


NZ Embassy - Chinese Media

17 young journalists from 14 Chinese media outlets attended a screening of the Rudall Hayward 1958 film ‘Inside Red China’, which was subtitled in Chinese, at the NZ Embassy in Beijing, May 19, 2016. 


The main purpose of the event was to promote bilateral relations and tell the New Zealand Story to Chinese journalists. 

From our observation, the part of the film the journalists enjoyed most was when Mao Zedong was given the Maori cloak by Ramai Hayward (wife of Rudall). 

All the journalists really enjoyed the documentary with one commenting: “It’s interesting to see what China was like through foreigners’ eyes when my parents were still toddlers.” 

NZ Ambassador John  McKinnon, who presented the film, is not only our Ambassador – he features in the DVD and helped rediscover the cloak that was given to Mao.

John McKinnon, NZ Amabassodor to China, presenting the 'Inside Red China' DVD
John McKinnon, NZ Amabassodor to China, presenting the ‘Inside Red China’ DVD

Both China Radio International and China Daily filed stories after the event: 

China Daily:  http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/world/2016-05/20/content_25395167.htm 
CRI:                http://english.cri.cn/12394/2016/05/21/4101s928393.htm

Cutting from China Daily
Cutting from China Daily

In 2014 the film was re-mastered for DVD to include subtitles in Mandarin and additional features including Ambassador John McKinnon giving an explanation of how the Maori cloak presented to Mao Zedong, having been lost for some years, was found again in the National Museum of China. The DVD is available for purchase directly from the NZCFS at https://nzchinasociety.org.nz/18899/get-your-own-dvd-of-inside-red-china-film/

A subtitled version of the film (minus the additional features appearing on the DVD) can be found on the NZCFS YouTube Channel. An earlier version of the film without subtitles can be found on the New Zealand Archive of Film, Television and Sound (Nga Taonga) website.