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September 2015 Chinese Film 中国电影



中国电影  – Thursday 24 September 2015, 7.15pm

Venue: Committee Room One, Wellington City Council, 101 Wakefield Street. Gold coin donation. With support from Confucius Institute, VUW.

(Please note that you need to press the buzz to the left of the Wakefield Street entrance, asking the security to let you in if no one is at the entrance. Txt 0210306853 if you cannot get in.)

柳堡的故事 (The Story of Liubao Village)[1958 movie, 80 minutes]

The Story of Liubao VillageDirector:王苹Wang Pin, 黄宗江 Huang Zongjiang. Cast: 廖有梁Liao Youlin, 陶玉玲Tao Yuling.

Li Jin, a solider of the New Fourth Army, stayed in Liubao village with his Army. During Lin Jin’s stay, he fell in love with a local girl – Ermeizi. But he had to leave Liubao with his troops for years. Lin Jin and Ermeizi lost contact during the war. Several years later, Jin returned to liubao and met Ermeizi again and they lived happily ever after.  [Its theme song “the Sunny Day” is probably the best known love song in China in the 1950-60s.]