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Shandan Alley Memorial Museum – Shandan City, Gansu province

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Building site for new Shandan Museum – Opposite the Aili International Hotel

Type of locality:  Museum

Location:   Shandan City, Gansu Province

Google Earth view:  

Google Earth view of Shandan Bailie School locations (Statue of Rewi Alley, Lei Tai), Aili International Hotel and site of the Shandan Alley Memorial Alley Memorial, 2017.  Aili Highway runs NE – SW past Aili International Hotel

GPS co-ordinates:    N38.79778,  E101.08578

Cost:  n/a

Access:   n/a (Still being constructed in May 2017)

Website:   None

Construction of the museum began in March 2015.  It is being built opposite the Aili Hotel, in the planned (2017) ‘NZ suburb ‘in the north of Shandan City.    It will replace the present ‘old museum’, located in the centre of the city.  It is planned to open December 2017.

The new museum will house the stunning collection of artefacts collected by Rewi Alley, and bequeathed by him to the city of Shandan.   The artifacts come from surrounding countryside.  Rewi  found many of them as he explored or in farmed areas of land. 

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This article is based on a report by Jane Furkert of her work: ‘An Independent Travellers’ Guide to Rewi Alley Locations in China, 2016’, that was funded by the Rewi Alley Friendship and Exchange (RAFE) Fund.