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SS Ventnor – Ghost ship of the Hokianga


Most of us will know the story of the sinking of the SS Ventnor in 1902 off the North Island coast. It was carrying the remains of 499 Chinese miners back to China for reburial. In 2013 the site of the shipwreck was found.

A gripping book, giving the story from the time of the miners, through to the sinking and then discovery of the shipwreck many years later, has been written by retired aircraft engineer Keith Gordon. He is a pioneer underwater explorer with extensive underwater and shipwreck exploration experience. With a keen interest in maritime heritage, his underwater exploration expeditions have taken him to remote areas of the Pacific and South East Asia to search for and explore historical shipwrecks.

This is a very interesting read, which really draws you in as you follow the story from the early Chinese gold miners, the exhumation and loading of the remains onto the ship right through to its ultimate sinking and then the rather interesting conclusion to the story. Recommended.

The book can be ordered from Searov Publications email – [email protected] or online from Seatech.co.nz Cost – $39.99 plus NZ postage $7.20.