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Statue of George Hogg in Lanzhou City University campus


Type: Statue

Location: City University campus, Lanzhou

Google Earth view of Lanzhou City University and Bailie Square

GPS co-ordinates:  N 36.10459 E 103.7399

Cost: No cost to view

Access: Over the road from Bailie Square is the Campus which  houses an exhibition of Alley memorabilia – the campus is variously known as ‘Lanzhou Chen shi Xue Yuan’, ‘North Western University’, and ‘City College’, and also on signs inside the English translation is “Lanzhou City University”. Walk in though the Entrance way from Bailie Square and then explore the campus.

Bailie Square is the end of the line for buses #15 and #131, approximately 45 minutes ride from the centre of the city.

Website: None

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