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The CPC: Celebrating 100 Years


Looking back:

A brief history of China and the CPC in an interactive video.
Understanding the CPC today

With over 95 million members it is the largest political party in the world. What makes up the party? How does it make and implement policy? How does it run, and who runs it? Here is a clear and simple description of the Chinese Communist Party.

The western median highlighted the threat to western countries who dare to threaten China. To get a true picture of what he actually said, and the context for this selected aspect, you can read Xi Jinping’s full speech here. ‘Full text: Speech by Xi Jinping at a ceremony marking the centenary of the CPC’

The future?
This YouTube clip asks the question “Can the Chinese Communist Party Rule for Another 100 Years?” A dialogue with Eric Li, Chinese entrepreneur and political commentator, is conducted by the Hong Kong Press Club. Well worth a watch.