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Top Coffee Shops to Visit in Beijing


Top Coffee Shops to Visit in Beijing

If you thought all the very best coffee in China was imported, think again! According to the International Coffee Organization, coffee production in China grew by 21% in just one decade, with the ‘land of the dragon’ now within the top 20 largest coffee producers in the world. The Chinese not only make coffee, but also consume plenty of it, with cities like Shanghai and Beijing being home to a buzzing coffee scene serving beans from across the globe. If a visit to Beijing is in your plans, don’t forget to stop by these top coffee havens for a pick-me-up before a busy day’s sightseeing!

Bracket Coffee – Gongti Bei Lu

The daring design and hanging light features of this gorgeous bar may hark to futuristic inspirations, but when it comes to the coffee, it’s just about as authentic and traditional as it gets. Bracket Coffee boasts a select list of imported beans from countries such as Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, and Tanzania. Opt for hand-poured, siphoned coffee. The latter is almost twice as expensive but dazzling to behold, as the barista heats a glass bulb until the pressure caused by heat pushes vapor up through a filter to reach another chamber filled with carefully ground coffee. What goes up must come down, they say, and soon, the filtered coffee returns to the glass chamber, where it is ready to be served in all its fragrant glory to one lucky customer.

Barista Coffee – Wudaoying Hutong

An ideal spot for those who aren’t into fancy décor, but rather, ‘are here just for the coffee’. This bar was opened by a 21-year-old entrepreneur who insists that the first cup of coffee visitors drink be prepared by himself. He recommends that guests sample natural brews hailing from a select list of countries – including Ethiopia and Costa Rica. The list changes once the owner’s initial order is consumed, meaning that regular visitors can try different brews from all over the world, by visiting at least once a week. Barista offers a true immersion in the world of coffee – one that encourages clients to make their own brewed coffee based on a seasoned selection of the essential beans and blends.

Voyage Coffee – Beiluoguxiang

Brick and blonde wood surround you in warmth at this Beiluoguxiang café, where you can delight in a single-origin Chemex pour-over, a 10-hour cold brew, or an artistic latte bearing intricate designs. If you are after a quality espresso boasting the right balance between acidity and sweetness, then a visit to Voyage is a must. Afterwards, check out the cool galleries and designer shops that surround the café. The café owners have chosen a cool location to be in indeed – one in which thinkers and artists congregate, debating over hot topics over a steaming cup of Java.

We have mentioned just three cool coffee shops to visit, yet there are evidently many more. China’s coffee culture is stronger than ever, and in the city, top bars pay heed to traditional brewing methods that bring out the very best in some of the world’s best beans. While you’re in Beijing, don’t forget to order the famous Yunnan coffee, made in China and comprising full-flavored Arabica beans boasting the unmistakable tones of sugar, fruit, and plump berries.