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I was talking with the editor of “Greatwalks”, an Australian magazine (including online) featuring walking tours when we started to talk about the vast difference in costs of tours promoted to the public. She used as an example that Australians can visit Tasmania for $200. Clients of the magazine respond to arrangements over $2000. Those who seek the latter are looking for QUALITY, and VALUE for money. This is what NZCFS promotes in our tours. ALL INCLUSIVE, NO SURPRISES , REAL EXPERIENCES, COMFORTABLE TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION, FRIENDLY GROUPS.

Check out the NEW LOOK tours website for a fresh and clean promotion of NZCFS Tours at http://tours.nzchinasociety.org.nz/. Still part of the main website but in a place of its own.
There are two places available on the SE Tour. You all know the itinerary, view it again here:

Next Year, February – March “ICE and TROPICS” is a one time offering to get to the world famous Harbin Ice and Lantern Festival, followed by some slow travel in the deep south of China. View here:

For those of you who like plenty of notice, we are in the process of designing an “EXPLORE CHINA, the NORTH-EAST” for October 2020. This will take in Shandong, Liaoning and Jilin Provinces, possibly touching down in Heilongjiang, and ending in Beijing.

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