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Two Extraordinary Exhibitions from the National Museum of China


Chinese Exhibitions

New Zealand China Friendship Society is proud to support two stunning exhibitions at Museum of New Zealand Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand, 22 March – 22 June, 2014. The exhibitions are very different, but complementary, and come directly from the National Museum of China, Beijing. Each includes material never before seen outside of China.

NZCFS is the official Education Partner. With assistance from the Simon Deng Li Fund it is facilitating free educator-led programmes for school groups to these exhibitions, and transport to Te Papa for some lower decile schools. 

Emperor Qianlong.1
Emperor Qianlong, Qing Dynasty (1644–1911).
National Museum of China

Throne of Emperors 七位中国天子与其生活的时代 presents a broad sweep of 2,000 years of Chinese history. Focusing on seven fascinating emperors and their dynasties, it explores China’s political, cultural, and social development – from a newly unified country under Emperor Qin Shihuang (259–210 BCE) to a highly cultured civilisation under the Qianlong Emperor (1711–99).

The exhibition showcases a stunning selection of rare cultural treasures, including two thousand year-old silks and precious gold vessels. Artefacts illustrate mighty military campaigns and momentous achievements such as the great maritime explorations of the Ming Dynasty. This especially designed exhibition will not be seen anywhere else in the world.


Shi Lu paints a lotus flower, 1981
Shi Lu paints a lotus flower, 1981.
Image courtesy of Shi Lu’s Family

Shi Lu: A revolution in paint 革命的艺术,艺术的革命 – 石鲁艺术展 introduces Australasia to one of the masters of modern Chinese art.

Shi Lu (1919–82) faced the immense challenge of balancing aesthetics with politics through a period of constantly shifting expectations, particularly during the Cultural Revolution. But he never lost his unique artistic vision. At a time when the status of traditional Chinese painting was fiercely debated, he revitalised it for a modern age. He wrote of his ambition: ‘One of my hands stretches into tradition, the other stretches into life’.


Two exhibitions not to be missed!  What an opportuntiy!! 

Admission: One ten dollar ticket provides an adult with access to both exhibitions. Children under 15 years are FREE.