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Two He Mingqing Scholars selected


NZCFS’ He Mingqing Scholarship Committee received three recommendations in August 2021: two recommended by Shaanxi Women’s Federation, and one from Shanxi Province.

We have to date supported three female students that Shaanxi Women’s Federation have recommended. We are pleased to have received a recommendation from Shanxi Province, as Kathleen worked in Datong Shanxi Province for some time.

The Committee selected two: Xiang Yuxuan from Shaanxi and Huang Lixia from Shanxi, and organized a video interview with each of the candidates. We had a chance to learn more about their family situations, their hometowns and their plans for the future. We are pleased to hear how moved they are by the story of Kathleen Hall (He Mingqing). The Committee is very happy with both recommendations and decided to support both from the year 2021 to 2025.

XIANG Yuxuan, recommended by Shaanxi Women’s Federation, was born on 10 April 2002, and has been admitted to Xi’an Medical College, with a major in Nursing. She’s from Ning Qiang County, Hanzhong City in southwest of Shaanxi Province. Her home is about 40 minutes’ walk to the nearby Hujiaba town. She’s from a solo-parent family. Family members include grandma, mum and a sister. Her mother, aged 53, is now working outside of town and is the only bread-winner for the family, with an annual income of about 20,000 Chinese Yuan. Her grandma is 85 and is not in good health.

HUANG Lixia, recommended by Shanxi Provincial Youth Development Foundation, was born on 1 June 2003, has been admitted to Shanxi Datong University, majoring in nursing. She’s from Wanrong County, Yuncheng City, in the southwest of Shanxi Province. The family is a poor household that is recorded in the local government as a low-insured household. She’s from a solo parent family with no income. Her father has uraemia and both lower limbs amputated, with no ability to work. Both grandparents are unwell.