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Welcome to the Tiger, the year to come. A New Year message from the President.


A New Year message from the President.

The Year of the Water Tiger begins on February 1.

The Tiger in the Chinese zodiac is known for its power, boldness and predilection for doing everything big, and this year is all about going big or going home.

People of the Tiger zodiac sign have qualities such as courage and leadership, they don’t stop until they achieve their goals no matter what, and they like things their own way, although these same traits lead them to be impulsive, rebellious and short-tempered, which can even affect those around them.

Water is the element that is most connected with emotions, although it also has one of the greatest forces of nature, which is unpredictable. It’s the strongest element-even stronger than fire-because it can go around any obstacle in its path and not lose its essential nature.

By 2022, expect tempers to flare, drama and excitement to reign, and crazy dreams can become reality.

This will apply whether it’s for love or friendships, work, business, politics or social issues, but in the year of the Tiger there is no middle ground, so you can expect to be very lucky or go through extremely difficult periods.

Well, since 2020, we have seen a lot of drama. A pandemic that has affected the globe, extremes of climatic events, a hyped up international geopolitical scene. Can we look forward to coming through to a more predictable journey in 2022, or extension of the very bumpy ride? The tiger will certainly face the year ahead with courage, but with what dangers?

I am reminded of the Chinese idiom: 骑虎难下 qí hǔ nán xià
Riding the tiger, it is difficult to get off. There is courage in the way forward, but definitely danger implicit! There is no way back, we cannot stop halfway.

As an optimist, I am in for the ride. Let’s look forward to renewed opportunities as the pandemic stops denying our travels, the truth prevails in geopolitics and we can look forward to harmony in the world. The water element remains the most unpredictable, with volatile weather patterns in the ascendency!

For NZCFS, let’s all work together to promote goodwill, understanding and friendship between the peoples of New Zealand and China. It is a big year, with the 125th anniversary of Rewi Alley’s birth, 70th birthday of NZCFS, and 50 years of the NZ – China bilateral relationship.

Happy New Year

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