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What the Hong Kong Narrative Gets Wrong


The Hong Kong situation continues to attract attention from Western media, and Western governments appear to have adopted a rigid position on how they perceive this.

The following commentary is relevant more than a year after the demonstrations and rioting were brought under control. The author is Alan Smith, a former chief executive and chairman of Jardine Fleming and former vice chairman of Credit Suisse First Boston. His opening comment is  “Hong Kong has been my home for 50 years—27 years under British rule and more than 23 as a part of China’s One Country/Two Systems government.”

As a foreigner with such extensive experience in Hong Kong, his view provides an alternative perspective and understanding to that which we have commonly been subjected to.

Read more: https://fortune.com/2021/02/10/hong-kong-protests-rioters-conduct-national-security-law/

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