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Where Can You Find the Oldest Civilisations in the World?



Did you know that one of the earliest civilisations in China was thought to have formed around 7,000 BCE? One of the earliest samples of writing was created the Jiahu people as well as some aspects of Chinese culture that are still around today.

There is evidence to suggest that a sub-culture called the Peiligang people co-existed with the Jiahu, but some archaeologists suggest that both were separate civilisations and both had different ways of life. There are many more ancient civilisations to discover, the evidence of which can be found in museums and even at the site these people settled. Some of these include:

  •         ‘Ain Ghazal, Amman, Jordan
  •         Çatalhöyük, Southern Anatolia, Turkey
  •         Aboriginal Australians, Australia
  •         Mesopotamians, modern day Iraq
  •         Norte Chico, Peru
  •         Ancient Egyptians, Nile River Valley of Egypt

Aboriginal Australians first settled in Australia around 40,000 years ago, with one of the oldest known cremations being attributed to their people. The Ancient Egyptians are known for their spectacular architecture, with the pyramids still standing today. The Mesopotamians found in modern day Iraq, are credited with founding the wheel, but for pottery, not for travel as once thought.  

Getting to know the rich background and history of a culture is the best way to make friends with the people. China has a vast history to discover, with many of its people still practising the ancient ways of civilisations past. Read on for further insight into the Chinese civilisation of the Jiahu, as well as more ancient civilisations around the world.

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