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Yunnan China Culture Institute Delegation Group


Entrusted by the 6-person delegation group from the Yunnan China Culture Institute we send this email to you hoping to build a direct communication with you and get your assistance regarding a visit to your Association. They are planning to visit New Zealand in October or November 2018.

The main purpose of this visit is to get an overall understanding of your association, your role, function, aim and plan for future development. They wish could have a face to face exchange and interaction with your colleagues and professors to discuss and share common interested topics and latest trend of bilateral relationship development. Most importantly, they are very proactive in developing and maintaining a friendly and direct relationship with you for future cooperation.

For more info about Yunnan China Culture Institute see here

Or contact Sophia at [email protected]

Chinese Website: http://www.ynsy.org.cn/whxyjs.asp

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