Perspectives on China

This page provides a platform for presenting reports, views and documentaries on topical issues that are not readily accessed in public media.  They do not  necessarily represent the views of NZCFS or its members.


China: A Development Partner to the Pacific Region

Letter from Chinese Ambassador Wang Xiaolong Issue 3 is entitled  "China: A Development Partner to the Pacific Region", which is an interpre... Read more

Veteran Australian diplomat speaks out against war danger.

A youtube recorded interview with John Lander, former deputy Ambassador to China (1974-6), first Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Ira... Read more

Behind the Smokescreen

An article, titled 'Behind the Smokescreen: An Analysis of the West’s Destructive China Cold War Agenda and Why It Must Stop' is a comprehen... Read more

Trade with China a boon for developing nations

This report from Andy Boreham expresses the viewpoint of a Bangladeshi doctoral student, Mohammed Saiyedul Islam in Shanghai, attending the ... Read more

Xinjiang Issues

This article by SM Hali - “Exposing the Occident’s baseless lies about Xinjiang” - appeared in Pakistan’s ‘Daily Times’ on February 13, 2021... Read more