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Welcome to the Auckland Branch of the New Zealand China Friendship Society

As New Zealand’s biggest and most racially diverse city, we are uniquely positioned to build on the Society’s mission, continually building sister-city links with Chinese cities. Our Auckland Branch does this by mostly focusing on arts, culture, technology, trade, and networking. We collaborate and sometimes co-host functions and events with other Chinese associations and groups in Auckland.

Our Auckland Branch was the very first Branch of our Society, having been founded in 1952 upon recommendation of Rewi Alley.  It’s founders were largely Peace activists and supporters of Rewi Alley.  Now, 71 years on, our Members come from all walks of life and persuasions.

Our Committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30pm.  Members are welcome to suggest ideas for advancing the objectives of our Society for your Committee to consider. 

We are a non-governmental people to people organisation and the day to day running of our Society is 100% funded by our Members’ Annual Subscriptions, donations and volunteered time.  

A regular newsletter is published with items of interest and details of planned activities and events.  There is no better time than now to encourage friendship, understanding, goodwill and peace.

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Notable Presidents:

  • Founding President Leo Sim
  • 1954–1958 R.A.K. Mason
  • 1966–1974 Roy Evans
  • 1986–1986 Sheila McMillan
  • 1989 Penny King
  • 1992–1999 Cecil Fowler
  • 2009–2016 George Andrews
  • 2017–2019 Henry Acland
  • 2019 Kris Sproull
  • 20192022 Michael Hart
  • 2022 Mike Dawson
Notable Secretaries:

  • 1952–1953 Mabel Lee
  • 1954–1958 Shirley Barton
  • 1960 Kathleen Hall
  • 1964 Arthur Jackson-Thomas
  • 1974–1978 Joan Donley


Mike Dawson

Leo Feng

Leo de Graaf
Secretary / Vice President

Galina May
Vice President

Neville Cant
Vice President

Committee Members

Ken Liu

Susan McClellion

Daniel Pascoe

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