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Recent Friendly Debate held by Auckland Branch
Recent Friendly Debate held by Auckland Branch

Welcome to the Auckland Branch of the New Zealand China Friendship Society.

The Auckland Branch (then known as the China Friendship Association) was founded in 1952.

Branch meetings are held at Mt Eden Village third Sunday of every month (excluding December). A monthly newsletter is published which details current activities. These include regular banquets, welcoming Chinese visitors, film or culture evenings, and free Mandarin language lessons, etc.

The branch is represented on the Auckland City Council’s Guangzhou Committee which develops relationships with Auckland’s sister-city. We also have a special relationship with that part of Hebei Province where Kathleen Hall worked, as well as Henan Province.

The first President was Leo Sim, other well-known presidents have been R.A.K. Mason 1954-8, Roy Evans 1966-74, Shiela McMillan 1983-6, Penny King 1989, Cecil Fowler 1992-99. Amongst the Secretaries have been Mabel Lee 1952-3, Shirley Barton 1954-8, Kathleen Hall 1960, Arthur Jackson-Thomas 1964, and Joan Donley 1974-8.

Branch Executives

Michael Hart

Ken Liu
Vice President

Sean Shadbolt

Brendan Roberts

Ken Liu
Admin Contact

Phone: 021 552 225 (Text Message)
Email: kenosdi@gmail.com

Committee members

Mark Price

George Andrews

Sylvia Yang

Chris Wang

Kate Zheng

Jefferson Chen

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