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Appo Hocton (NZs first Chinese immigrant) book reprint

APPO HOCTON: WONG AH POO HOC TING New Zealand’s First Chinese Immigrant, Nelson 1842-1920The Nelson Branch believes the story of Appo H... Read more

Dr Sun Yatsen and the 1911 ‘Xinhai’ Revolution

On October 10th this year, being sofa-bound after hip surgery, I watched the celebration in Beijing of the 110th Anniversary of the 1911 “Xi... Read more

Increase in scam complaints, says Banking Ombudsman

This article is also available in ChineseThe ‘Chinese Embassy’ scam, targeting Chinese New Zealanders, is an example of the lengths scam... Read more

Dave Feickert Book published

Many NZCFS members will remember the late Dave Feickert, who was President of the Whanganui branch, and who did many good things in help... Read more

New Zealand China Council Insight page launched

A new ‘Insight’ page has been launched on the NZCC’s website. The page will host explainer videos, interviews, discussions and speeches on t... Read more

The CPC: Celebrating 100 Years

Looking back:A brief history of China and the CPC in an interactive video. Understanding the CPC todayWith over 95 million members ... Read more

Practically, A Teaching Revolution

Rewi Alley's statue and a seal he once used are on display at the Shandan Alley memorial museum in Zhangye, Gansu province.This very in... Read more

G60 Kechuang Cloud Gallery, a super city complex has finally ope...

After five years of design and construction, G60 Kechuang Cloud Gallery, a super city complex near our home, has finally opened! The buildin... Read more

Chinese ANZACS

I suspect this is a story a lot of us don't know about; I know I certainly didn't until I read this. It has taken almost 100 years but the ... Read more
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A Century of Friendship towards a Shared Future

A Century of Friendship towards a Shared Future On 11 May, the Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries held a we... Read more

Finding Rewi Alley: Following the Footsteps of China’s mos...

A very interesting 13 minute video about Kiwi Andy Boreham’s personal discovery of Rewi Alley; well worth a watch. Read more