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Rewi Alley

The most famous New Zealander in China – Rewi Alley contributed perhaps more than any other foreigner to the Chinese revolution. He was the founder and inspiration for the NZ China Friendship Society, dedicating 60 years of his life to his adopted country, while remaining a New Zealander at heart. Rewi organised thousands of industrial co-operatives during the war against Japan. He also pioneered technical training schools, the most famous at Shandan in the Gobi Desert. Read more
Bust of Rewi Alley in Qingpu Cemetry, Shanghai

October 2023 – Travel the NZCFS NZ Heroes in China Tour

NZCFS New Zealand Heroes in China Tour (Previously named NZCFS Rewi Alley and Kathleen Hall Heritage tour.)Now scheduled for October 2023 - 21 days in China2021 is the 125th anniversary of Kathleen Hall’s birth. 2022 is Rewi Alley’s 125th. A...