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Join the New Zealand China Friendship Society

For over 70 years, the New Zealand China Friendship Society has been helping New Zealanders connect with and better understand China. Become a member today and join communities across New Zealand building bonds of friendship, understanding and goodwill between the peoples of New Zealand and China.

What are the benefits of Joining the NZCFS?
Members of the Society are eligible to stand for positions at branch and national level, to vote at branch AGMs, and to put themselves forward as branch delegates to the National AGM. Votes will be counted as one for a fulltime student or individual, and two for a family or couple.
What is the cost to join the NZCFS?
Annual Membership is $10 for a fulltime student, $20 for an individual, and $30 for a family/couple. Unwaged discounts available at discretion of branches.
Are organisations and businesses able to join the NZCFS?
The NZCFS is always open to establishing connections with other organisations and businesses. We encourage you to apply through the branch closest to you, or by choosing the National option, and we will promptly get in touch to explore potential avenues for collaboration.

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