Kathleen Hall (He Ming Qing)

Kathleen Hall RGN, RM (1896 – 1970)

Kathleen Hall (He Ming Qing) was a New Zealand missionary nurse in China who worked in poor rural areas under extremely difficult conditions, and trained local nurses to work alongside her. She was also swept up in the war against Japan. Not only did she nurse the sick and wounded, but time and time again she smuggled medical supplies through the Japanese lines to Dr. Norman Bethune, the Canadian surgeon who was in charge of medical services for the Chinese 8th Route Army. 

Kathleen Hall Memorial Scholarship

The He Ming Qing (Kathleen Hall) Memorial Scholarship was established in her honour by the New Zealand China Friendship Society Inc. to provide three-year scholarships for Chinese from poor rural areas enabling them to complete nursing training in order to return to their villages and work for improved health standards. This scholarship replaces the previous Kathleen Hall Centennial Memorial Scholarship, which ran for ten years.

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Kathleen Hall Centennial Memorial Scholarship

From 1996 – 2005 the NZ China Friendship Society Inc. in association with NZ Nurses Organization Inc. awarded the Kathleen Hall Centennial Memorial Scholarship to provide an award of $1,500, later raised to $3,000, for a NZ registered nurse to undertake graduate study in an area of nursing in the community.

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