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Scholarship Nurses’ latest news

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Dave Bromwich and Zhu Caixia in Hangzhou

NZCFS President Dave Bromwich was in Hangzhou in January 2016 and met up with one of our current Kathleen Hall Memorial Scholarship recipients Zhu Caixia, who is completing her final practical year at a Hangzhou hospital. She told Dave she was happy with her choice of study and is confident of passing her final exams. Her hospital has 20 departments with about 60 beds in each. She keeps in frequent touch with our other current recipient Wang Xue Jun who is working nearby in Zhou Shan Hospital, also in Zhejiang Province.

They will return to Nanchang in April and May for more study and their final exams before graduating; they will then return to their hometown of Shandan where they will look for nursing positions.

Both students were asked to write a short report on their experiences and how the He Ming Qing scholarship had benefitted them. The following is a translation of their replies:

“I am Zhu Caixia, I come from a village of Shandan county of Gansu province and studying in Technology University of Jiangxi, I am study at the nursing department. I am very grateful to all the members of NZCFS for the care and support for my study here. The He Ming Qing scholarship gave me the opportunity to be able continue to my study. Also it gave me the opportunity to improve my knowledge and practices in nursing without worry. I will be able to complete my study same as other students. 

As a country girl, it was very hard for me to get in to a university for study. I am so lucky that I have been given the scholarship and be able to study in this university.  I will continue to work hard towards my study.  I have learned about He Ming Qing in my first year of University study. I am so impressed by her story. She is a great person, is my model. I want to be like her when I become a nurse. At the moment, I want focus on my study, when I finish my study I will be able to get a job and be able to serve people. I don’t want to disappoint you. I am in my final stage of practice. I understand as a nurse I should go to the countryside to help people, just like He Ming Qing. I decided after graduation I will go back to my hometown to work, to transfer all your love and care to them through my service there”.

 3e1146199df6432e782ffdb5f42c37f1Wang Xue Jun wrote that she “she had a dream to go to university”. So after she finished school she chose to continue university study. Luckily she passed the exam and accepted by Peili university. However then she found out the fees are too high, she cannot afford to pay the high fees. Because her family has three children, her younger brother and sister are still at school, they need the money too.

So she decided to give up her own dream.

Then she found she could get the He Ming Qing Scholarship. This scholarship gave her a second chance.

“So I went to university and studied hard and I am prepare myself for the future”.

Because of your support, even though I had some hardship, I was able to stand strong. Now I start my practice at the hospital, I am working hard to become a highly qualified nurse. 

“The scholarship gave me great help, it made my dream come true, reduced my financial burden. Most importantly it gave me the motivation to work hard, and later on I can help others.

I will continue to work hard, use my excellent result to say thanks to you all. “