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Conference slogan “Forging our future: 初心不改,继往开来”More invited guest speakers and panellists have committed to participating and an updat... Read more

NZCFS joins China for two webinars.

In the last month, NZCFS has participated in two webinars with partners in China.During Qingming festival on April 5, the NW station of ... Read more
Rewi Alley Commemoration Hall


Conference slogan “Forging our future: 初心不改,继往开来”As invited guest speakers and panellists commit to participating, an updated progra... Read more

NZCFS Annual Conference & AGM

 This year’s National Conference and AGM will be held in central Auckland.The venue for the afternoon workshop an... Read more

The Story of the New Zealand China Friendship Society

The Story of the New Zealand China Friendship Society (as at 15 February 2022)NZCFS has a 70 year history. As older members drift away, ... Read more

Memorial Service for Christine Ward

Christine was a very well known and highly respected member of our society. At the time of her passing, she was secretary of the Nelson bran... Read more

China and international friends

During the celebrations commemorating 100 years of the Communist Party of China (CPC) last year there was a lot of acknowledgement given to ... Read more

Welcome to the Tiger, the year to come. A New Year message from ...

A New Year message from the President. The Year of the Water Tiger begins on February 1.The Tiger in the Chinese zodiac is known for it... Read more

Bill Willmott

As many ofyou will be aware, Bill Willmott passed away in October, aged 89. Bill was president of our society for 10 years and lead ... Read more

News from Gansu

An earthquake, and a further acknowledgement of Rewi Alley.Earthquake felt in Shandan On January , at 1.45am local time, a 6.9 magnitud... Read more

Goodbye to the Bull, the year that was.

Greetings to all members and supporters.The year is coming to a close. The past year has been far from normal. It was also the year when... Read more