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Grand Canal Heritage Tour, a diverse experience with NZCFS, September 2024

Sunrise on Taishan
Sunrise on Taishan

“The East is Red”, Mao Zedong proclaimed from the summit of Tai Shan. Several millennia earlier, Confucius stated from the same summit that “the World is Small”.

In between these two it was a common pilgrimage for emperors, poets and pilgrims to reach the summit. On the 9th of September 2024, tour members on the Grand Canal heritage tour will spend a night on the 1532 meter above sea level summit to share the inspiration that this sacred mountain has brought. However, we will not expend the effort those who went before endured – we will take a cable car up!

On descending we will go to Qufu, and experience more of Confucius, the sage from over 2500 years ago who still holds considerable influence on Chinese society and culture. The tour offers a broad range of such experiences. Learn how Mao’s statement has manifested and evolved into modern China – appreciate historical events that have shaped the nation from ancient times to recent events, experience cultural heritage famous throughout the world today, not the least is the cuisine of the regions we travel through.

The engineering feat that is the Grand Canal, still used after 1400 years in some parts, merely forms the base of the itinerary. Learn more about the Grand Canal Heritage Tour.

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