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G60 Kechuang Cloud Gallery, a super city complex has finally ope...

After five years of design and construction, G60 Kechuang Cloud Gallery, a super city complex near our home, has finally opened! The buildin... Read more
group of nzcfs

Announcing National Executive confirmed at AGM

National President: Dave Bromwich (Hawkes Bay)Vice Presidents:Northern: Miao Fan (Hamilton) Central: Chris Lipscombe (Wellingt... Read more

Article by Dr. Dov Bing

'IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER A CAT IS BLACK OR WHITE, AS LONG AS HE CATCHES MICE’ The following article was written recently by Emeritus Pro... Read more


Long March and 20th Century History Tour:A commemorative exploration of the significance of the Long March and other aspects in twentiet... Read more

He Ming Qing

A Message from Shen Qianqian:I am now working in cardiovascular medicine at the hospital in Yanxian County, Hebei Province, and our coun... Read more

Wellington Branch Newsletter for September 2020

The newsletter for September 2020 can be found here Read more

Next Branch Meeting

Next Branch Meeting Wednesday 16 September 2020 at 6:30pm Chris Lipscombe Speaking on his recent trip to Chengdu---------------------... Read more

Helen Bain Memorial

Commemoration Service for Helen Bain Valued Christchurch Branch member Helen Bain passed away on 18 March. This was right before the lock... Read more

Delightful, Delicious Dumplings

From Italian ravioli, to Polish piroshky, to Chinese pot stickers, the humble dumpling is beloved by eaters around the world. Truly a un... Read more

Finding Rewi Alley: Following the Footsteps of China’s most love...

Andy Boreham, our member at large and journalist for Shanghai Daily, begins his search with these words: As a foreigner living in China, it’... Read more

China’s Super Food

So you've read up on Chinese food and experienced Chinese food in your home country, but did you know that many super foods that are popular... Read more